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About our Fairings


We have two types of fairings: ABS plastic (injection or compression molded) and Fiberglass (FRP)

For the first one we use high grade ABS plastic (2.7 to 3mm according with the different parts- same as OEM)

Our kits will not flex under stress or melt at normal temperatures. All the holes are pre-drilled, and the fairings have heatshield technology and superior durability. The paint has 3 coats – primer paint (under coat to have good paint adhesion), plastic paint and vinyl label (the design choice by you) and varnish (to polish and give permanence to the previous paint and label). And we also paint the fairings on the inside (model dependant).

Fiberglass is more durable than ABS plastic. That is why racers use it. It is hard to melt or get brittle. And last but not least, it’s repairable if you ever do take a spill or the bike gets knocked over. The thickness is 7 to 8mm, we use gel coat, a special coating that is sprayed into the molds and cured. The fibreglass is then laid up on top of it. Once cured, the piece will pop out of the mould really smooth and clean. We do reinforcement by carbon fiber and kevlar on mounting area and all borders. The holes are not pre-drilled but are flagged and ready to work on. Not a hard process to any moto rider.



Production: 90% of our ABS fairings are made by injection process: guarantee of 100% fitment and consistent plastic.

Paint: 3 to 4 coats of primer, 5 to 6 of plastic paint, quality vinyl decals, 3 to 4 layers of clear coat. Fairings painted inside, UV protected, and we have a heat chamber and drying paint machines. Please note unpainted fairing pieces are fresh off the mold. They will need to be prepped viz. sanded, primered and then painted for best results. If you are unsure please send an email to sales@superfairings.co.za for clarity.

Environment: We provide proper working conditions, staff are required to use masks and gloves, work area and paint guns are cleaned every day, orders and parts are organized.

Package: Triple wall boxes with extra foam protections and all parts covered by white laminated EPE foam.

Guarantee: If your fairings arrive broken or the fitment not 100%, you just need to send us some photos, and we will communicate with you to resolve the situation.**TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY** 

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